5 Black College Athletes with the Best Beards

5 Black College Athletes with the Best Beards

It's March Madness! And we're here to bring you some of this year's best college basketball players and their A+ beard games.

March Madness is when college basketball fans come together to cheer on their favorite teams and players. But it's also a time when some of the best beards in the game shine. From full beards to goatees and everything in between, these five black athletes have some of the best facial hair in college basketball. So if you're looking for some good beard inspiration for your look, these five will give you some ideas.

Amari Bailey - University of California, Los Angeles Bruins

Freshman Amari Bailey is a standout basketball player who has caught the eyes of many fans and analysts during March Madness. Aside from his apparent on-court talent, the Sierra Canyon High School shooting guard has also drawn attention for his clean-cut beard. To sport Bailey's 'stache and goatee, you need a reliable grooming partner, so ensure you have high-quality scissors and a comb on hand. 

Mady Sissoko - Michigan State Spartans 

The journey of Spartan center Mady Sissoko from Mali in Western Africa to the United States, specifically to Michigan State, is so inspiring that it deserves to be turned into a movie or at least a Netflix series! Another thing inspiring us about Mady is his beard game which is always on point despite the demands of competition, especially during this time of the year. Help raise your beard game as well with the help of our beard oil which hydrates and moisturizes the hair and the skin underneath.

Jacob Grandison - Duke Blue Devils

No March Madness list is complete if there's no mention of Duke. So for this one, we chose Jacob Grandison, the Blue Devils' guard from Oakland, California. He's hard to miss on the basketball court, not just because of his play but also because of his "carefree" facial hair, which many people have come to love (particularly those in Durham).

This month might be crazy season for basketball diehards, but it doesn't mean you can forget about grooming your beard. Get a hold of our Beard Grooming Kit and use them at home or when cheering your team on the road on their way to the Final Four!

Andre Jackson Jr. - University of Connecticut Huskies

March Madness has some of the best athletes in the world, and some have amazing facial hair. One of those athletes is Andre Jackson Jr., who plays for the University of Connecticut Huskies. 

He may be playing in college, but Jackson's beard has been groomed and styled like a professional throughout the basketball season. Sometimes he would sport thin mutton chops, and other times he would go for a cleaner look - a combination of beard and goatee.  It's easier to have the same versatility in your beard game if you have the right grooming and trimming tools.

RJ Davis - University of North Carolina Tar Heels

RJ Davis is a freshman point guard at UNC and was one of the most impressive players during March Madness. He had an outstanding performance throughout the tournament and became the Tar Heels' leading scorer. Davis has been turning heads with his facial hair and stellar play. His thick and full beard has made him stand out on the court and be one of the top contenders for the best beard during March Madness. 

With its soft curls and impressive length, it's no surprise that Davis has quickly become a fan favorite. Want a full beard like RJ? Try our Beard Growth Kit, which includes a shampoo hair and beard wash, a leave-in conditioner, beard oil, and vitamins.  

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