How does exercise help your beard grow?

How does exercise help your beard grow?

Curious if hitting the gym will help your beard grow...or accidentally cause hair loss? Exercise affects your body in numerous beneficial ways, and can improve the thickness and length of your beard. Want to know how?

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of exercise in helping you lose weight and get fit, but it may be surprising to learn that exercise can also help your beard grow! Learn more about how exercise helps your beard grow and what exercises have the most impact below.


Exercise doesn’t directly affect beard growth, but it affects your skin and, as a result, the health and growth of your beard. Sweating during exercise helps clear your pores of grime and helps you sweat out toxins, leaving your pores clear and clean, which is conducive to faster hair growth. Clean up well after playing sports or working out at the gym with our shampoo and beard wash which gently cleans your hair and beard without drying it out. Plus, the tea tree oil and peppermint stimulate your hair at the follicles to encourage healthy growth and effective cleaning.


Exercise helps increase blood circulation throughout your body, including your face. This increase in circulation helps stimulate hair growth because the blood supplies valuable nutrients to your tissues, including hair follicles. Plus, it helps the body absorb nutrients from food and oxygen you breathe better too. So give your body an extra boost with our Hair Growth Gummy Vitamins, which provide essential vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in your daily diet. Our formula has 11 active ingredients designed for men who also need to slow down hair loss and thinning hair. 


Go for resistance training such as deadlifts, bench presses, push-ups, and the like. But if you find that kind of resistance training tedious, rock-climbing, swimming, and core-building yoga are other forms of resistance training. Resistance training increases testosterone production, which is correlated with stronger facial hair growth. And while you exercise, make sure your immune system is at its best. According to a recent study by The Cooper Institute & the University of Chicago, 76% of African Americans are vitamin deficient. It means African American bodies are more susceptible to infection. Make sure a bottle of our Immunity Vitamins is always within your reach, especially going into flu season.

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