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Grow The Perfect Beard With This Combo Designed To Maximize Results

If Hair Steroids existed this combination of Fresh Heritage Products would be it.  Your giving your body essential vitamins and minerals, that may not be available in your daily diet and then giving your scalp herb and oil it needs to flourish.

We understand that everyone may not be blessed with great genes, so we created this product combo to give you an extra boost.  

This Vitamin formula has 28 active ingredients that are specifically designed for MEN who need to slow down hair loss and thinning hair.  If taken daily it can help add back in the nutrients missing from your diet to help support healthy hair growth with FAST ACTING results.

**60 Day RISK FREE GUARANTEE: Full refund of the purchase price PLUS we will buy you a competing product of equal or lesser value to replace what you returned.**

  • Amazing Growth - Thin Spots, Patchy Areas or newly grown beards stand no chance - Fresh Heritage Works Wonders To Thicken and Grow Your Hair
  • Unbelievable Value – Get a 1 or 2 Month supply for 20% off… start seeing results in 2 weeks
  • 100% All Natural – Our plant-based product heals and moisturizes your scalp, strengthens damaged hair, stops hair shedding, and gives you beautiful, soft and natural hair
  • Best-In-The-Industry Results –With over 400+ 5-Star reviews. Our customers always send us screenshots & emails about how we've changed their lives.  Get the beard you deserve & join the movement today. 
  • Helps Make Thin & Patchy Spots Fuller
  • Makes Coarse Hair Soft And More Manageable 
  • Women Won’t Be Able To Take Their Hands Off Your Beard
  • Your Beard Will Look Shine & Look Groomed All Day Long Without Being Too Oily
  • The Best Smelling Beard Oil On The Market, The Aroma Last For Hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
New Formula?

I have been a user of the brand for a few months now. Since the. Whining I loved the vicosity and scent of the Bears oil but lately the formula has changed. I don’t hate it but it’s definitely lighter not only in color and thickness but in scent as well. I feel like I may need to use more than before? I miss the original.

The Best

The best beard oil and vitamins I ever used

Great product...

Was very skeptical at first, but tried the vitamins and the oil out for 30 days and it made a huge difference. My beard became fuller and thicker with less shedding. Highly recommend to anyone. Even if you have a beard already!

Fantastic product

I stumbled across this product looking for an oil made with natural ingredients and decided to give it a try, and I couldn't be happier. I am white thus the hair texture on my face is a bit different, BUT it still has worked fantastically for me and I will continue to buy again and again. A little bit goes a long way - the smell is pleasant and neutral without being overbearing and doesn't leave your face smelling like Abercrombie Fierce or other brands I've tried that seem to be overly concerned with how "masculine" the fragrance is.

Great Product

This has been my best product so far. I'm seeing results already


Love it