Beard Growth & Grooming - Vitamins
Beard Growth & Grooming - Vitamins
Beard Growth & Grooming - Vitamins

Beard Growth & Grooming - Vitamins

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Grow The Perfect Beard With This Daily Vitamin Designed To Maximize Results Faster.

If Hair Steroids existed this combination of Fresh Heritage Products would be it.  Our vitamins gives your body the essential vitamins and minerals that may not be available in your daily diet.

We understand that everyone may not be blessed with great genes, so we created this product for you to give you an extra boost.

This formula has 28 active ingredients that are specifically designed for MEN who need to slow down hair loss and thinning hair.  If taken daily it can help add back in the nutrients missing from your diet to help support healthy hair growth with FAST ACTING results.

**30 Day RISK FREE GUARANTEE: Full refund of the purchase price PLUS we will buy you a competing product of equal or lesser value to replace what you returned.**

  • Amazing Growth - Thin Spots, Patchy Areas or newly grown beards stand no chance - Fresh Heritage Works Wonders To Thicken and Grow Your Hair
  • Unbelievable Value – Get a 1 or 2 Month supply for 20% off… start seeing results in 2 weeks
  • 100% All Safe – Our product is produced with the highest standards and regulations to help you strengthen damaged hair, stop hair shedding, and give you thick, soft hair.
  • Best-In-The-Industry Results – With over 500+ 5-Star reviews. Our customers always send us screenshots & emails about how we've changed their lives.  Get the beard you deserve & join the movement today. 
  • Helps Make Thin & Patchy Spots Fuller
  • Makes Coarse Hair Soft And More Manageable By Feeding Your Beard From The Inside
  • Women Won’t Be Able To Take Their Hands Off Your Beard


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A portion of our revenue is donated to our charity partner, The Emerging 100 of Atlanta.  Together we help provide college scholarships for inner city High School students.  To date $200k has been awarded.



Take these daily as suggested on the label.  For better results drink one ounce of water for every two pounds you weight. So if you weight 180 lbs, you should drink 90 ounces of water. FYI its 128 ounces in a gallon of water. So take 1 serving of Fresh Heritage Growth Support Vitamin A Day with a meal or as prescribe by your healthcare professional.  This is a 30 Day supply

    Customer Reviews

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    Frank Hollis

    Beard Growth & Grooming - Vitamins

    Perry McMillon
    Great Product

    The product really works.

    Reggie S.
    Great Beard Supplement

    Excited to be trying these beard growth supplements from Fresh Heritage! Happy to support black owned businesses. Looking forward to seeing the results from taking these because i want a full thick beard!

    Baker Blanding

    I've had a full beard for a few years, now and got it mostly through genetics. I noticed some plateauing in my beard's length/fullness and decided to give these vitamins a try. They came along with my re-up of the beard conditioner which I absolutely recommend. I thought on one hand the pills might be a placebo ("take for a month" or so are the instructions and pro tip: if you just wait long enough, anyway, you'll experience beard growth!) but if they do work, it would be money well spent to keep my beard full and even. In the process of ordering, I realized there were two options: the traditional pills I ordered and some flavored gummies. I prefer traditional pills and ordered those. Upon arrival, I understood why there were two options: the traditional pills smell and taste AWFUL. Sawdust, soured bread, something....they just stank. The time it took to open and close the bottle alone expressed the unpleasant scent in the air and letting the pills linger in my mouth to swallow them (you have to take two at a time) is even worse. For this reason, alone I won't be reordering. If I do see some growth, I'll grab the gummies. If those are also foul-smelling/tasting, I'll just go back to letting Mother Nature and my diet determine my beard health!

    P Howard

    Ever since I started using the product it have been working really well !!

    Beard Vitamin Supplements

    Fantastic vitamins I can see the growth of my beard already after a couple of days. Looking to see it grow more in the coming weeks and months.