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7 Celebrities With The Best Beards

  James Harden Source: Houston Chronicles/Gary Coronado   Houston Rockets guard, James Harden is widely known to have one of the best beards in the NBA. I mean, I think we can go ahead and crown him as the ‘Godfather of beards’ but it comes at a cost. Harden admitted to GQ that having a beard can sometimes be an issue stating, “I get food in this (expletive) all the time. Like, all the time. If it’s people that I don’t know, I won’t eat around ’em. When I’m, like, going on blind dates, I’ll wait till I get around people I actually am comfortable around, because then they’ll tell me I have stuff in my beard. It kinda comes with it. If you wanna look as good as I do.”   Lebron James Source: Gary Gershoff/GQ Lebron James, just signed to the Los Angeles Lakers, has joined the ranks of bearded men in the NBA. King James started to growing out his beard around 2016 and now has reached full lumberjack beard level. Last year, he uploaded a video on Instagram joking about his hairline stating, “Why can't I, like, just Velcro this off {beard}... and just put it on top of here?”   Idris Elba  Source: J. Countess/Getty Images Definitely, a female favorite: Mr. Idris Elba. It’s almost certain if you ask a woman who her favorite bearded man is, she’ll name Idris. He is known for his sophisticated, salt and pepper beard.     Drake  Source: Google Images Then there is Drake, who in 2016 shocked his fans by revealing an Instagram picture with his beard shaved off. They trolled him for weeks about his smooth, baby face; however, Drake revealed that he shaved it off for his Saturday Night Live appearance. Two years later, order has been restored as Drake’s beard is back. Winston Duke Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Winston Duke from the Box Office hit Black Panther rocks a full beard. His beard definitely added to his intimidating, powerful yet comedic role as Jabari Mountain tribe leader, M'Baku. #WakandaForever   Steph Curry Source: AP Photo/ Rick Bowmer Steph Curry has been mostly known to rock a goatee but recently he’s been growing out his beard. He explained that he’s growing it out simply because his wife, Ayesha Curry, loves it. He later added, “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” We couldn’t agree more, Mr. Curry.   Omari Hardwick Source: Getty Images ♫ They say this is a big, rich town...♫. Last but not least, we have Ghost.. I mean, Omari Hardwick. On the hit show Power, Ghost wears a clean-cut goatee; however, it seems during the off-season Hardwick likes to grow out his beard.