Fresh Heritage Was Started During An Inspiring Trip To Africa in 2016. 

morocco north Africa founders Gamal Codner and Jamil Codner

Here we are in Morocco - Jamil, Gamal (me), C'Andre 

In 2016 my brothers and I decided to take our "Annual Brothers Trip" in Morocco to learn more about our heritage. 

During that trip we spent time with local farmers and community elders learning about the ancient oils that have been used for decades to groom the men in that region.

We heard stories of how natural oils like Argan oil performed miracles on course hair - helping hair become softer and thicker.

We were left thinking "Why didn't someone else make grooming products for men of color with these oils?"

When we came back to the United States we spent the next several months working with a biochemist to research the best traditional oils from the African diaspora.  

"Preserving the grooming traditions used by our African Ancestors was important.  It turned out that they really knew what they were doing and those old traditions are still the best all natural way to groom our beards today."

After finding the absolute 5 best natural oils for black men, the Classic Beard Oil From Fresh Heritage was born.

We've Brought The Best Natural & Organic Oils From The African Diaspora To You:

  • 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Organic Jojoba Oil
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic Olive Oil

We gave our friends and family a few sample bottle to try and within a week they saw a huge difference.  Their hair was noticeably softer, more manageable and it didn't itch anymore. 

The first product is a result of sourcing these 5 oils from all over the world and putting all the ingredients into one perfect product.  

This is really important to us because it would be very difficult for the average person to get all those ingredients because they would either have to:

    1. Travel All Over The World To Source Each Natural Oil
    2. Visit Whole Foods To Buy Each Natural Oil (and we all know how expensive Whole Foods Can Be) 
    "Fresh Heritage is all about tapping into our roots and our heritage as people of color to find the natural ingredients that we used back then, to groom todays modern man.  So our brand is a perfect mix between old tradition and the new modern man”
    - Gamal

    We import our oils directly from those farmers we met in Africa (and a few other farmers from around the world) to our manufacturing partner here in the US.  Their FDA certified facility manufactures all of our products.

    This makes a huge difference because usually by the time the product arrives in the US it's been diluted and blended with other oils that really deteriorates the quality & product benefits.

    Our products aren't for everyone though, it is only for men who wants nonstop compliments everyday about how good their beards looks and feels.


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    Stay Fresh!


    - Gamal, Fresh Heritage Co-Founder