Black Fraternities: Kappa Alpha Psi Heritage

Black Fraternities: Kappa Alpha Psi Heritage

This month Fresh Heritage has chosen to highlight the heritage of Black Greek Fraternities. Most of our consumers are members of a Black Greek Letter Organization or have heard of fraternities yet have no knowledge about them.Therefore, with this Greek Series we spoke with a few members of Black Greek Fraternities to share what their fraternities mean and the importance of their organizations’ heritage to our communities. For this series, we chose the hashtag #FHBrotherhood as a way to celebrate the differences of men yet recognize the similarities that bond them. Despite every difference, men are able to come together and form community through every aspect including similar upbringings, conversations about their beards, and of course Greek Fraternities.

Kappa Alpha Psi Preview:


“...It’s excelling spiritually, physically, mentally and really being the best of the best.”

We spoke with a member, Steven Fance, Spring ‘14, of the Stone Mountain Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated. Watch the video below to hear Steven’s story.

 Full Interview with the Alphas, Kappas & Omegas:

(Kappas 0:15, Omegas 2:58, & Alphas 7:00)


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