Men let’s take care of our hair daily. Oils help your hair in two ways:
  1. It helps your hair become thicker or help maintain the thickness you already have.
  2. Oil’s stimulate hair follicles and conditions the skin under your beard & strengthens the root so you don’t shed as much.

Here is a video from B With A Beard, youtube channel Black Men’s Beard recommends are as followed.

Coconut oil - widely used, thickness and growth.
Olive oil - make sure it’s extra virgin; antioxidant fights hair loss
Avocado oil - protein in it, super food
Rosemary - helps with growth
Almond oil - Vitamin E

To add value We recommend Super oil’s or products with multiple oils in it that have the same benefits and more.

Fresh Heritage Classic Beard Oil uses:

Argan Oil - Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and antioxidants
Coconut Oil - widely used, thickness and growth
Olive Oil - antioxidant fights hair loss
Jojoba Oil - Skin & Hair healer and moisturizer

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