20 Black Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram in 2022

20 Black Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram in 2022

Here are some of our favorite accounts who provide us with daily inspiration with their hustle, creativity, and drive.

Celebrating our community comes naturally to us, and we're always up for amplifying the platforms of Black entrepreneurs who are making a splash. Here are some of our favorite accounts who provide us with daily inspiration with their hustle, creativity, and drive. (Not to mention style. And trust us, we’re experts when it comes to our community looking good.) Have more to add to the list? Share your own favorites with us!


As the cofounder of Harlem Capital, a venture capital that invests in female and POC entrepreneurs, John Henry is known for his killer instinct -- and equally killer style. A child of immigrants, he started his first company at the tender age of 18, only to sell it by the time he was 21. This business wunderkind is a must-follow for anyone who religiously reads Forbes or Adweek.


If you love food and hip hop, Deverick Long has created your virtual paradise where the two come together seamlessly. Bridging the gap between the music and culinary industries, he's become a go-to source for news about food-related collaborations in the music industry, as well as drool-worthy photos of all kinds of cuisine. Prepare both your ears and your taste buds.


Scrolling through your feed can sometimes fill you with FOMO or imposter syndrome, or worse, both. Michell Clark seeks to combat this with his account of daily doses of self-love, mindset shifts, and actionable tips on how to fight through self-doubt. If you need regular boosts of positivity and wisdom, Clark is waiting to inspire you.


Financial literacy is crucial to everyday life, yet it's not something easily accessible to all. Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings are looking to change that. Earn Your Leisure seeks to teach people about the latest trends in finance and entrepreneurship, as well as spreading the importance of financial literacy across generations. If you're in need of financial education, enroll into Earn Your Leisure University today.


As the CEO of Supply Factory Brands, a venture studio that invests in health and beauty brands, Keenan Beasley has always embraced technology when it comes to telling dynamic, unforgettable stories. His account documents his journey from the corporate to entrepreneurial space, so prepare to be inspired by his creativity, passion, and killer instinct.


Kameron McCullough knows finding purpose can be difficult, and his account is an inspiration to everyone currently on that journey and seeking the same purpose. As the founder of 2035 Ventures Co, he stands on the pillars of global impact, environmental wellness, and innovation. Follow him along as he sets out to change the world.


Travel the world with Garvin Reid, whose photographic eye is unmatched and manages to catch his subject’s essence in the most visually captivating fashion. Aside from stunning photos from across the globe, Reid also provides travel guides to various cities. If your wanderlust is at an all-time high, head over to Reid's account to quench your globetrotting thirst.


Your brand's identity can be one of the first stumbling blocks as you begin your entrepreneurial journey. Deon Bonaparte helps small business owners craft their stories with unrivaled clarity and creative flair. As the cofounder of NDVU + LAB Brand Consultancy Agency, he's made a name for himself when it comes to eye-catching, conversation-starting brand strategy and advertising.


If you're in the midst of trying to figure out your career path, Teron Foster is here to help. As a career coach, resume writer, university recruiter, and keynote speaker, he's constantly helping people navigate their way towards a job that's the right fit for them. Follow his account for thought-provoking career insights and tips for figuring out the corporate world.


QuHarrison Terry is a self-proclaimed digital marketing architect and future thinker whose insights and strategies are sought after by portfolio companies around the world. But his Instagram account also shows off his creative side as a photographer and illustrator, and he's also the author of a detailed guide on how to create, sell, and buy NFTs.


What's the point of success if you don't use it to help others? Jake Tayler Jacobs has taken this to heart. After building two seven-figure companies, this Texan native went on to build an online life and business academy that works to educate minority business owners on how to scale their businesses without accumulating debt. A win-win for the community.


Looking to get into the real estate business but have no idea where to start? Follow Bryant Miller, a real estate guru who helps people looking to build generational wealth and dive into the world of buying, selling, and investing in properties. His account is also an invaluable resource for connecting buyers and sellers and may be the first step you take towards building your real estate empire.


Marques Brownlee has been making waves in the tech world since he was a high school YouTuber in 2009. From there, he's gone on to become a tech tastemaker, interviewing everyone from Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg to Neil deGrasse Tyson and Barack Obama. Follow him for the latest insights into the tech world, and listen to his podcast for an even deeper dive.


In the midst of applying for jobs? Then you know how important an impeccable resume can be to putting your name at the top of the list. Brandon Mitchell, founder and CEO of Brand Resumes, knows this well. He works with job seekers around the world and is an expert at the job-hiring process, from initial interviews to closing offers.


For Nigerian-born and current New Yorker Steven Onoja, fashion reigns supreme. He brings the menswear and art worlds together with his explosive, effortless style, all documented on his account. He's worked with brands like Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Fossil, and more, and his mission to uplift others through his unique style and thoughtful words will surely brighten your feed.


K.G. Graham is illuminating the culture of entrepreneurship with COSIGN, an award winning media-tech company built at the intersection of creativity, culture, and entrepreneurship. Follow him to witness his journey as he builds a multi-genre, multi-platform network that produces original programming across podcasts, docuseries, exclusive interviews, events, workshops, and virtual programming.


Need a pop of color and style on your feed when you’re feeling under the weather? Designer Christopher John Rogers is only 26, but the Louisiana-native has already dressed the likes of Michelle Obama and Cardi B. His high-octane, technicolor designs will brighten your day and inspire you to dress to turn heads on even the gloomiest of days.


Marquell Russell knows the importance of working smarter. Known as the King of Client Attraction, he helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses while consistently attracting new and promising clients. His account is followed by business leaders and influencers across the globe, looking to him for financial insights and top-notch business strategies.


Edu Uzodinma is demystifying the Foreign Exchange Market to a new generation. His organization, Dignified Drip, has over 5k members and is a major player under the Tradehouse investment group. A mentor to many, he documents his journey in the forex world, while also writing thoughtfully about business and personal growth and sharing opportunities with his followers.


It's all happened to us: we cracked our phone screen and in a panic, Googled how to fix it. Feldon Richards knows your pain and created the iPhone Repair Academy, an online course that has helped users across the globe fix their smartphones and stay connected. If you consider yourself a DIY repair technician, follow Richards for more handy tips and tricks.

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