Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

This year, give your Dad the gift of self-care. 

It's getting close to Father's Day, and you still haven't bought your Dad anything, but you're definitely not feeling another tie or cologne set either. And we know the struggle. This year, give your Dad the gift of self-care. 

Beard and facial grooming kits are always a great first step if you're unsure where to start. This guide will help you find exactly what your Dad wants and needs for his facial hair this Father's Day.

Beard Shampoo and Beard Wash

Why not give a gift that keeps on giving every day? Our Beard Wash is gentle enough for everyday use, thanks to our clean, vegan formula that adds shine and moisture. If your Dad is worried about that hairline, our beard shampoo contains organic aloe juice, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil to help stimulate fuller hair growth. Your Dad deserves to be cared for, and we've got his beard and hair covered!

Beard Growth Support Gummies

For older men, hair loss and thinning hair can be a big cause for worry. Luckily, our Beard Growth Support Gummies offer essential vitamins and minerals that may not be available in your daily diet. Our Beard Growth Support Gummies are formulated with 11 active ingredients specifically designed for men with thinning hair, making thin and patchy spots fuller while also softening thick, curly hair by feeding your beard everything it needs. 

Beard Oil

What's your Dad's signature scent? If he's a refined man of taste, he'll love our Refresh Beard Oil, which contains floral notes blended with a hint of powdery musk. If he's more traditional with a love of the outdoors, he's a perfect fit for our Classic Beard Oil, a spicy mix of citrus, patchouli, and sandalwood. Both scents will give him a softer, thicker, and fuller beard that's perfect to use before and after shaving. Even better, get him both scents to allow him to change up his scent, depending on his mood.

Daily Moisturizing Leave-In Beard Conditioner

Black men tend to need extra moisture to keep their beards soft and healthy. That's where our bestselling Daily Moisturizing Leave-In Beard Conditioner comes in. Formulated with ingredients like Argan, Babassu, Moringa, and Marula Oils, it softens hair and reduces frizz with intense hydration -- and it's perfect for daily use. Dad's grooming routine will be set up for greatness. 

Immune Defense Support Vitamins

Dads may be superheroes, but even they need a boost now and then. Give him the gift of a healthy immune system with our Immune Defense Support Vitamins, which combine the 11 most researched ingredients for immune defense and support. Not only are these naturally anti-inflammatory, but when combined with a healthy diet and sleep schedule, they can help boost your Dad's wellbeing for years to come.

Custom Beard Grooming Kit

Maybe your Dad is already a pro when it comes to his grooming routine, so our Custom Beard Grooming Kit is ideal for someone who knows what his beard needs daily. Perfect for someone who is always on the go, this kit contains our Beard Wash, Conditioner, Beard Oil, and Vitamins, all in an elegant vegan leather dopp bag. Show him he's a VIP when it comes to beard care, and hopefully, he'll pass down his tips to you!


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