Growing the Beard You Want

Growing the Beard You Want

Here are four types of beards and what you need to achieve each look.

In order to have the fullest, most luxurious beard possible, you’ll need to grow it out over time. The trick, of course, is growing it long enough so that you can shape it into the beard style you want, but not so long that it becomes unmanageable or shrinks up to minuscule size after a few weeks of growth. To help you with your journey towards the perfect beard style, here are four types of beards and what you need to achieve each look.

The Full Beard

For a full, voluminous beard, think James Harden, you'll need to grow out your beard for a longer period. This time varies for each man, but it generally takes between six to eight weeks. During this time, you'll need to comb your beard daily to promote growth and regularly wash it. Our Beard Shampoo & Beard Wash adds shine and moisture, and enriches follicles with organic aloe juice, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil. To further encourage growth, you can also take our Beard Growth & Grooming Vitamins, which contain 11 active ingredients that, when taken daily, can help add back in the nutrients missing from your diet to help support healthy hair growth with fast-acting results.

The Short Beard

A short beard is the ideal style for those who want to keep their facial hair trimmed closed to avoid long, unruly hairs – look to Drake for styling inspiration. To grow this style, you usually need to let your beard grow out for anywhere between three days to a week, depending on how fast your beard usually grows in. Once it's at your ideal length, keep it trimmed to maintain the sleek look. Need a hand while your beard is coming in? Our Beard Grooming Kit has everything you need to take on thin spots and patchy areas on newly grown beards. Our plant-based products heal and moisturize your skin, strengthen damaged hair, stop shedding, and give you beautiful, soft, and natural hair for a healthy beard.

The Hipster Beard

Want a long beard style that you can rock with low maintenance and upkeep? This beard style, seen on the likes of Questlove, has a higher volume and a less structured shape, and you don't have to trim it as regularly. This look works best for those with square faces and wider jawlines, especially when you contrast it with a sleek, tailored hairstyle to offset the wildness of the beard. As this style has some length, we recommend our Daily Moisturizing Leave-In Beard Conditioner, which instantly softens hair and reduces frizz with intense hydration from Argan, Babassu, Moringa, and Marula Oils, making it perfect for daily use.

The Sculpted Beard

A sculpted beard requires a bit more attention than a full beard, but when done right, it can show off the contours of your face to its fullest, just look at Will Smith’s groomed beard. Make sure you have a sharp razor or a good trimmer on hand to create clean lines along the edges of your neckline, jaw, mustache, and goatee. Do you have a slightly denser beard? In that case, you'll need sharper lines to ensure a clean shape. This look is best for men with thick hair who tend to grow shorter beards. Even for short beards, beard oil can be your secret weapon. Our Beard Oil Refresh keeps facial hair softer, reducing the risk of irritation and breakouts during regular trimming.

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