How To Grow Your Beard - 5 Tips

How To Grow Your Beard - 5 Tips

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Here is what fellow beard enthusiast, bmazingvlogs has to say about "How To Grow Your Beard".

Here's what we think about it...He has great basic tips that every bearded brother should follow.  For me personally, drinking 1 gallon per day has been difficult.  If you can't drink a gallon yet, just start off with half a gallon.  You will definitely see and feel the difference!

We would also add a high quality moisturizing product, either beard oil or conditioner.  This will prevent hair breakage and promote healthy beard hair growth.

His Tips Are As Follows:


  1. Eat clean. Stay away from processed foods as mush as possible.
  2. Try to drink 1 gallon of water a day.
  3. Embrace the patchy beard.  Once it grows out you wont notice it. Just line it up as it grows out.
  4. Keep your skin clean. Exfoliate skin underneath and keep hair cleansed because you don't want to add beard product on top of old product in your beard.
  5. When starting off, don't focus on getting too many beard products.  Use a general oil to keep it moisturized
  6. Be patient.

If You don't want to wait so long and you want to speed up beard growth, I would suggest  using our beard oil & growth vitamins.  We have hundreds of 5 STAR reviews about the amazing results our customers have gotten using either product.  


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