How To Maintain Your Beard During The Colder Months

How To Maintain Your Beard During The Colder Months

Check out three three tips on how you can keep your beard fresh during the wintertime.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Fall is officially here. We've skipped over the tail-end of summer and nose-dived right into the prelude to the coldest time of the year. Leaves are starting to change colors, the grass is becoming more brittle, and everyone is aiming to get their hands on the latest trendy sweatsuit and shoe combo. One area that's also changing form for men is their beloved beards. Beards are a lifesaver in the wintertime as a source of warmth and comfort, but to get the maximum benefit from yours, you must do certain things to maintain your beard's look, feel, and texture. Here are a few tips for maintaining your beard during the colder months of the year.



Use Less Hot Water:

A hot shower may feel amazing at the beginning of a chilly morning, but the hot water is actually stripping your beard of its essential nutrients. Make sure to use lukewarm water on your beard and wash it regularly. Our Fresh Heritage Shampoo and Conditioner is a great component to utilize on your beard in the shower. Once you get out the shower, dab dry your beard. Do not rub your beard abrasively with a towel. Rubbing your beard will pull up hair follicles, thus creating a patchy beard. Our Fresh Heritage Beard Oil is an excellent finishing component once you've completely dried your beard off. And if you are struggling with a patchy, thin beard, our Beard Oil  takes care of that problem as well.


Keep Your Skin Moisturized:

Most guys believe that being ashy is only reserved for bare skin, but your beard can also be dry as well. Keeping your skin moisturized will keep your beard moisturized and healthy. Try to find a lotion that doesn't have harmful dyes and chemicals in it, because these components also keep your skin dry and cracked. As mentioned above, our Fresh Heritage Beard Oil can be used to keep your beard looking fresh. With ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, and Jojoba Oil, you won't have to worry about your beard being unkempt during the winter season.


Wrap Up Your Beard:

If you live in states such as New York, Michigan, and Chicago, to name a few, then you definitely should utilize a scarf while outside. Even though your beard is a natural insulator, there's nothing wrong with a layer of extra protection for your face. Freezing temperatures and winter precipitation strip away key nutrients from the skin and hair, which is why it's important to keep yourself protected at all times while you push through frigid temperatures.

At Fresh Heritage, we offer vegan, cruelty-free products for men of color with beards. Our natural and organic beard oils are carefully crafted with ingredients used in the grooming traditions of our African Ancestors. Purchase your Fresh Heritage products today!

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