Spring Tips From a Barber

Spring Tips From a Barber

Here are some tips from a barber on keeping your beard looking good during the Spring season so you can maintain your natural style and enjoy it for as long as possible.

As the weather changes and the temperature rises, many men will be tempted to shave their beards off, but they can avoid this and adapt their look to the changing season. Here are some tips from a barber on keeping your beard looking good during the Spring season so you can maintain your natural style and enjoy it for as long as possible.

Scruff is in

There’s no denying that beards are popular right now. It seems like everyone is growing one—from hipsters in Brooklyn to bros on Wall Street. But not all facial hair is created equal, and your particular look says something about you as a man. And though stubble can be cool to pull off, Black skin is often prone to ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and keloids. Our  Leave-In Conditioner hydrates curly facial hair so it's soft and more manageable, making it the perfect sidekick to your scruffy look.

Don’t shave your beard unless you have to

Yes, beards are back in style. But if you're not hip on how to trim your beard properly, it can make you look disheveled and less professional. If you're going to keep your beard, get yourself a good trimmer and learn how to groom it on your own—it will go a long way in helping you retain your sexy stubble when everyone else has shaved theirs off. Plus, maintaining a well-groomed beard is easier than shaving every day! For naturally curlier hair that's more prone to breakage, look for trimmers that feature combs that work with your beard length and have a combination of moving and standing shaves for sensitive skin.

Wash your beard regularly

The first mistake men often make with their beards is not washing them often enough. Beards get grimy and become a magnet for food, drink, dead skin cells, and microorganisms. Once your beard gets dirty (because it will), you have to  wash it more frequently, usually about 2-3 times a week.  That's where our Beard Shampoo and Beard Wash come in. Formulated with organic aloe juice, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil, it's gentle enough for everyday use and gently cleanses follicles without drying them out. Best of all, the tea tree oil & peppermint stimulates your hair at the roots to encourage healthy growth and effective cleaning.

Trim your beard

Depending on your job and overall presentation, you might want to take down your beard. A bushy beard looks good in some settings, but it may get in the way of close-up shots or cause you to look older than you are. If so, trimming down is a smart move. Ask your barber for advice; they’re used to working with men with beards and will give honest feedback about how much length to keep around your neck and jawline. If you work outdoors or have a trade that exposes your face to wind, cold, and sun, you should probably keep more facial hair than if you were indoors all day at an office. Also, as we age, our hair turns gray and white—and our beards grow darker—so even if you go clean-shaven today, don’t feel like there’s no room for growth later on. Hair grows back!

Use Beard Oils

Beard oils aren’t just for the face. Men with beards can apply beard oil to soften hair and moisturize the skin underneath, whether they’re shaving or not. This grooming routine, repeated over time, makes facial hair look less unruly and tames it in any weather conditions. Our  Classic Beard Oil comes in a spicy mix of citrus, patchouli, and sandalwood, giving you a seductive and confident scent that people won’t be able to resist. Beard oil is also a lifesaver in helping thin and patchy beard spots become fuller and giving your beard a much-needed shine without being too oily. 

Protect yourself from the sun

Your skin is one of your biggest assets, and protecting it is essential. Melanin-rich skin still needs SPF,  especially since our skin is prone to hyperpigmentation and dark marks from sun exposure. We  know that ashy is never a good look, so look for sunscreens that won't leave skin and facial hair chalky after application. Avoid sunscreens that use minerals like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, as these will often be visible on your skin. Zinc is the best way to go, as it gives the best coverage and protects against sunburns, and reduces the risk of skin cancer. As the weather grows warmer, make sure sunscreen is always at hand.

Get A Single-Blade Shave

Razor bumps are more common in Black men, as our thicker hair is more likely to result in ingrown hairs when shaving. This also means irritation and inflammation can be made worse post-shave. Avoid shaving close to the skin by using clippers or a single-blade razor. These usually cut the hair above the skin's surface, which means it's less likely to result in ingrown hairs and scarring. Also, always shave with the grain, as going against the direction of your natural hair growth can lead to even worse razor burn -- not a good look for Spring!

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