10 Surprising Facts We Bet you Didn't Know About Beards

10 Surprising Facts We Bet you Didn't Know About Beards

We love beards! You obviously have some interest in them too if you’ve landed here. At Fresh Heritage, we consider ourselves experts when it comes to caring for beards. Did you know that the profession of studying beards is called pogonology and that scholars who study beards are Pogonologist (yes this is an actual career choice if you’re looking for a new one)? There are so many crazy, but actual, facts about beards we bet you probably didn't know.

Read the ten beard facts that surprised us below and share them with fellow beard connoisseurs:

Fact #1: It is estimated that about 55% of men around the world have some type of facial hair.

Fact # 2: The average beard is made up of about 30,000 whiskers and, grows 5 ½ inches in a year.

Fact #3: Beards have the capability of growing four times a man’s height.

Fact #4: The average man who shaves spends 3,350 hours in the bathroom.

Fact #5 If the average man never trimmed his beard, it can grow to be 27 ½  feet.

Fact #6: People with an abnormal fear of beards (yes they exist) have pogonophobia.

Fact #7: Beads can work as a filter to keep pollen and dust from settling, helping men with allergies breath better.

Fact #8: Beards make you 63% more likely to win a staring contest.

Fact #9: The longest female beard ever recorded was 30 cm.

Fact #10: Hans Langseth holds the record for the longest beard ever recorded; it was about 17 feet long.

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Marlon Tyler

Marlon Tyler

What Can I use to comb my beard?

What Can I use to comb my beard?

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