The Scary Truth Behind Why You Can’t Grow a Full Healthy Beard

The Scary Truth Behind Why You Can’t Grow a Full Healthy Beard

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Get ready to call your mom and dad.

Since prehistoric times, beards have been a sign of masculinity, virility, and wisdom. In ancient times, beards were so culturally significant that cutting them off was considered a punishment and disgrace. Fast forward hundreds of years later and beards are back with a vengeance. From professional athlete to the respected banker, beards adorn the face of confident, stylish, and respected men. And then there are our baby face brothers. You know, the men who are well into their thirties and are still getting carded due to their bare-boyish face? While we may not agree with a bare face, here at Fresh Heritage we respect it and realize that there are some scary truths behind why some men can’t grow a full, healthy beard to save their lives.

Beards are produced by a chemical known as dihydrotestosterone, which is synthesized from testosterone. You know, the hormone that stimulates male development and sexual characteristics. You would think that men who aren’t able to grow a full, healthy beard must have less testosterone than other males. However, the truth is, for the most part, all males have the same level of testosterone. So why is it that some men can go from a bare-face to a long, thick beard in a matter of days, while other men struggle to grow stubble?

There are a few reasons:

They don’t maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat” Well, that applies to your ability to grow a healthy beard too. Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and even a poor sleep pattern can slow hair growth.

They don’t maintain a consistent maintenance routine. A structured maintenance routine can do wonders for a beard. Cleansing, moisturizing, and trimming your beard on a regular basis stimulates hair growth and largely attributes to a beard worthy of envy.

And the scariest truth behind why some men just can’t grow a full, healthy beard is


That’s right, you can actually blame your mom and dad for why you can’t grow a full, healthy beard. Men who are able to grow beards are more sensitive to testosterone than their baby-faced peers. So if you aren’t able to grow a beard, it’s not because you lack testosterone as rumors have it, it’s simply because your body responds to testosterone differently.

But you’re in luck! You may not be able to grow a beard naturally, but there are two things you can consider if you’re desperate to join the #BeardGang.  

You could glue on a beard or consider a more invasive option, a beard transplant.  We wish you the best of luck, beardless brother. Keep hope alive!

How long did it take you to grow a beard? Did you have to change your lifestyle or add any products to make it happen? We want to know!

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