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5 Things Black Men Can Do To Grow A Better Beard From Scratch

Congratulations on your decision to join the ranks of black men with well groomed, attention-grabbing beards! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the Beard Gang  lifestyle is serious.

After helping over 20,000 black men get better beards, we decided to put this guide together for you so you can rock a beard gang worthy beard.

Guess what? Nothing works if you don't put in the necessary effort to get the results. 

You know what really pisses me off? 

When people complain about NOT getting the results they want, but when you look at their day to day they didn't put in the necessary effort in order to get them.

..you see it on social media day in and day out.


When we created Fresh Heritage we sought to solve a huge problem in the beard community where people were simply capitalizing off the beard trend and not actually creating products that worked!


Anytime we investigate customer complaints it came down to one thing:  They simply didn't do what needed to be done to get the results they desired.

Whether it is filling out a patchy beard, dealing with chronic dryness, or wanting a non greasy smell good formula with all natural ingredients you could trust to not only GROW your beard, but not harm you

...Fresh Heritage checks all the boxes.


If you want results like this in as little as 14 days keep reading:



Despite giving you the most effective beard care products on planet earth...


There are still a few boxes (5 to be exact) you should check to put your beard in position for maximum growth, and getting the most out of our beard oil, and growth vitamins.

1: Take care of the skin beneath your beard.

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need care. The secret to a great beard is a solid foundation. Your facial hair steals moisture from your skin which sometimes leaves your skin dry causing dandruff in your beard (not cool bro). It’s important that you implement a daily skin care regime when you’re rocking a beard, so even if you decide to shave your beard one day, your skin will be smooth and healthy. To keep your skin healthy be sure to:

    • Apply Beard Oil Daily - Duh! 
      • Keep it Moisturized -Get down into your pores to make sure your oil absorbs.  It gives your hair the fuel it needs to grow healthy and fast.

      2: Avoid harsh ingredients on your beard.  

      The products you use on your face matter. If you’ve been just stealing your girlfriend’s shampoo and conditioner, or sticking with good ‘ole vaseline, you’re in trouble!

      It crucial that you do your due diligence when researching and finding the best products for you. We’ve already gone in depth about the top ingredients to avoid at all cost, you can read that here. 

      3: You Are What You Eat.

      You’ve heard it before, “you are what you eat.”  So if you're not consuming foods that get your daily dose of vitamins, and nutrients don't expect any miracles in the beard department.

      A poor diet can leave your beard dry, brittle, and patchy. According to Jim White, registered dietician and spokesman for The American Dietetic Association, the condition of your facial hair directly corresponds to the health of your body.  

      4: Exercise.

      When's the last time you hit the gym? Exercising has been scientifically proven to improve the overall health of you skin (which includes your hair). Working out regularly:

      • Increases testosterone levels - which boost beard growth
      • Reduces stress - Too much stress lowers testosterone
      • Boosts metabolism - which triggers hair growth

      5: Be Patient Homey.

      This is the biggest lesson! Give your beard some time to grow.  Growing a beard is an investment of time. Don’t fear though, we’re talking weeks, not months or years. Great beards aren't built overnight.  Fight through the ugly, patchy and itchy phase - it's normal.

      • Fight the itch -Just give it a few days. Once your face gets used to your new beard, the itch will subside. Keeping your face clean should help, but unfortunately won’t always eliminate itch 100%.
      • Avoid shaping or trimming your beard - Give your beard time to find its true pattern, it will take at least about a month.


      So is patchiness & dry beard making you feel more baby-faced than beard gang?

      No worries Fresh Heritage can see your pain, LITERALLY

      ....and we're here to help.

      If you're dealing with patches, dryness or thinning in your beard what I suggest below should get you headed toward solving them ALL.

      Try out our Beard Oil, and take one serving of our Hair Growth Vitamins daily.

      It's gonna fill in those patches, thicken up your thin spots, and even slow down shedding and hair loss and guess what?


      ...it's ALL nat-ur-al.


      So no worries of it harming your skin or causing more problems than the ones we created it to solve.

      Just drink plenty of water, make sure to BRUSH to stimulate blood flow to your stubborn beard hair follicles and stay constant!!!


      Thats where the lesson lies.

      If you find something that works (like our entire stable of Fresh Heritage products) and you stick to using them consistently...

      (most see results in AS LITTLE as 14 days ...iphone chargers last longer than that. You can do it)

      You will see results.

      And your beard will be the envy of IG users, friends, family and anybody who dares to challenge your bearded bossness.


      Say peace-out to thin spots and patches below: 



      If you are still on the fence, here's what customers are saying:

      Dedicating 30 days to boss up your beard is a walk in the park!  Follow these instructions and remember to send us those before and after pics!


      Ready to rock a full, healthy beard?Shop Now!



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      April 26, 2018

      Thanks for your kind information. I was just looking for some advice on it. https://www.lifestylemob.com/


      March 01, 2018

      I’m in the process of growing my beard… This product is black owned and I’m all in for supporting! Let the process begin!


      January 12, 2018

      I am a full beard grower and proud of it I will order some of your products…. but good info for the ones who are trying to grow there beards.

      william martin
      william martin

      December 17, 2017

      Best step to take if starting from scratch?

      william martin
      william martin

      December 17, 2017

      Need help growing beard

      Zemirah Benson
      Zemirah Benson

      December 05, 2017

      Just used the oil for the first time this morning and all I wanted to do was keep adding more because my face and beard were as it seemed to be drinking it up.. Now let’s see it grow ..!!

      O. C. Merriweather
      O. C. Merriweather

      December 01, 2017

      Just received your beard oil today thanks. Mby question is , are their any plans for beard butter, beard conditioners, or beard balm from you guys?

      Tracy Brock
      Tracy Brock

      November 29, 2017

      Great tips on beard grooming

      Damian Young
      Damian Young

      November 28, 2017

      How does it work. What do you have to do?

      Isaac Hayes
      Isaac Hayes

      November 12, 2017

      Thank you I order another bottle because I can see the shine and smell the great fragrance and feel the healthy in my beard and hair on top of my head

      Andre Ridley
      Andre Ridley

      November 12, 2017

      Thanks for the information, it was very helpful.

      Anthony Evans
      Anthony Evans

      November 08, 2017

      From scratch I grow✊?✊?✊?


      November 07, 2017

      Peace brotha i wanted to know do You carry and products that helps the bread grow

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