The 10 Black Men With Beards You need to be following on Instagram

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The 10 Black Men With Beards You need to be following on Instagram

The beard is definitely experiencing a brand-new heyday, a resurgence in popularity, and a new level of appreciation. From the men who love to wear them to the women who love the men who love to wear them, beards are a whole new category of business, self-care, and social media awareness. If you’re looking for great beard inspiration, Instagram has the following ten black men with beards you need to be following.

  1. Follow Black Men With Beards (@blackmenwithbeards) for tips on growing a healthy beard, inspirational photos, and beards as a complete lifestyle. For their 168,000 followers, they host networking events, share small biz ideas, and encourage black men to crush stereotypes and take pride in their self-image.
  2. Rashad Jackson (@rashad_omar) espouses all-natural hair and beard products and keeping your personal grooming on point at all times. His 83,000 followers love his self-care tips and so will you. 
  3. Percy Hicks (@eclecticlifestylesbypercyhicks) has over 15,000 Instagram followers who love his life lessons, beard tips, and fashion sense. His salt and pepper beard pays homage to the maturity and distinction of seasoned gentlemen, while still blazing trails for young men of color. 
  4. With his long, lush beard and mesmerizing eyes, Erick Mendoza (@erickmendoza553) is into goal-setting, workouts and fitness, and living life to its fullest. He has more than 14,600 followers, has been featured in Essence magazine, and loves the NYC life. 
  1. Nearly 23,000 Instagram users follow Bismark A. Adomako (@mr_adomako) for his influential menswear style, travel experiences, and stunning photos. If you want great beard care and grooming tips, this barber and stylist is a must follow. 
  2. 30,200 followers love new photos from Dr. Epic (@drepic). The photographer and fashion kingpin features more than beards on his page. Get a behind the lens look at his street photography, fashion forward styles, and, yes, beard pics and tips. 
  3. Fitness enthusiasts and beard wearers will love Jean Titus (@titusunlimited) and his philosophy of fit mind, fit body. His fitness, clean eating, muscle building, and body sculpting tips help you and his 253,000 followers achieve the body, lifestyle, and happiness you long for. 
  4. Odell (@odellexec) believes in his big, bushy, well-styled beard, his faith, and has a never give up spirit. Join his 86,400 followers for faith in action, inspirational quotes, and for helpful beard tips. 
  5. Brandon Dymon X (@_brandon_baker) with his scraggly beard and eclectic Instagram photo collection, has almost 7,200 followers. His beard washing, afro scrubbing photos get tons of likes and his outdoor lifestyle pics will inspire you to get closer to nature. 
  6. George Myrie (@stuylin) is a beard and lifestyle blogger with over 114,000 followers clamoring for his advice on beard care, fashion, and NYC life. Follow him today for photography, beard, and lifestyle tips. 

If you’re looking to have your beard featured on Instagram, be sure to follow Fresh Heritage page (@GetFreshHeritage). They feature awesome beard photos of everyday guys with exceptional beards. Tag them in your bearded photo and you just might get featured on their IG site. Connect with these ten black men with beards you need to be following on Instagram and get your beard in shape and your creative juices flowing.




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