10 Thriving Black Businesses to Support this Black Business Month

10 Thriving Black Businesses to Support this Black Business Month

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Fresh Heritage takes pride in being a Black-owned Business that caters to bearded Black men. Ancient African grooming traditions even inspired our products, such as our best selling beard oil, while our founders were on a trip to Morocco. So it should not be a surprise that we try to help as many African-American-owned businesses as possible. In celebration of Black Business Month, we want to spotlight some companies you might want to check out and support.


SEMICOLON BOOKSTORE - https://www.semicolonchi.com/

Some businesses can take a page from  the playbook of Semicolon Bookstore regarding social entrepreneurship. Owned by DL Mullen, this chill and spacious bookstore in Chicago feeds its patrons' intellectual curiosity and reaches out to its community through its program #CleartheShelves, wherein they give out books for free to those who cannot afford to purchase one for themselves.  


SET SAIL APPAREL - https://www.setsailapparel.com/

As the saying goes, Every setback is a setup for a comeback. And that can't be more true for Set Sail Apparel founder Kentrel Code who started the thriving contemporary lifestyle company after losing out on two jobs - one of them being discharged from the U.S. Navy. As the name suggests, Set Sail Apparel is nautical lifestyle focused but with a mix of streetwear classics guaranteed to help you make a splash every time you enter a room or yacht.  


ADJOURN TEAHOUSE - https://www.adjournteahouse.com/aboutadjourn

Founder Latonia Cokely's dream of having her tea and wellness brand was already brewing when she was just a teenager in Richmond, VA. This early realization certainly helped her stir Adjourn Teahouse on the path to success. The tea company offers its customers artisanal loose leaf tea specializing in organic, hand-crafted, full leaf tea blends that they hope will help people recenter and balance themselves and allow them to Adjourn, which means the practice of pausing intentionally.


PERRY CO SHOES - https://perrycoshoes.com/collections/all

If you can't find what you're looking for, why not just create it? That's exactly what entrepreneur and sneakerhead Brittney Perry did. Growing up in Indianapolis, choices were lean regarding women's footwear, so she wore men's shoes most of the time. So it's no surprise she founded PerryCo Shoes, which aims to create genderless sneakers that are versatile enough for almost all styles and identities.


3RD EYE VIEW - https://www.shop3rdeyeview.com/

Founded in Houston, Texas, by Christyn Breckenridge, there is more to 3rd Eye View than just providing some of the dopest eyeglass designs in the country. Behind this thriving Black-owned business is a company that cares for its community, as evidenced by their philanthropy work with local nonprofits to provide vision screenings, eye exams, and even new eyewear to those who can't afford them. 


RENOWNED - https://renowned.la/pages/about

Brands love to use storytelling to sell their products. In the case of Renowned, a Los Angeles-based clothing brand, storytelling is part of the products. According to John Dean III, creator of the brand, "Renowned is a creative outlet to share and tell stories from a perspective that is relatable to anyone chasing a dream." "The brand formulates silhouettes, patterns, and motifs that bind the past, present, and aim to create a brighter and more dynamic future for all those who consume it."


FLAME KEEPERS HAT CLUB - https://flamekeepershatclub.com/ 

If you're looking for a hat to complete your outfit, Marc Williamson's Flame Keepers Hat Club in Harlem is an excellent place to start looking. It houses a headwear collection to suit almost any style, occasion, and season. From Fedora Hats, Wide Brim, Panama Hats, Kangol Caps, Ivy Caps, and more, the choices are not just many but exquisite. 


TINKYPOO POWER DIAPERS - https://tinkypoo.com/

Founder Nadiyah Spencer realized that the diaper industry lacked representation regarding images depicting babies of color. So with some partners' help, she decided it was about time to change the industry, and TinkyPoo was born. TinkyPoo's diapers are made with plant-based materials that are organic and super-absorbent, ensuring babies are safe and get almost instant comfort after pooping. 


THEOPOLIS VINEYARDS - https://www.theopolisvineyards.com/

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or just a casual wine drinker, enjoy a bottle from the California vineyard of Theodora R. Lee, the founder of Theopolis Vineyards. Ms. Lee was a former Texan and San Francisco trial lawyer who found herself going from courthouses to the prestigious Yorkville Highlands of the Anderson Valley, where she started producing her award-winning wines.


THE GYM WRAP https://thegymwrap.com/

Nicole Ari Parker, the founder of Gym Wrap, knows what she wanted and got it done. She wanted to create an absorbent sweatband, but one that won't make the wearer uncomfortable, like making them feel hotter than they need to. She found a way and patented her EvapoTech technology that absorbs sweat while it lets the heat escape too. "I also wanted to find a way to include all types of women in all types of hairstyles. Sometimes we wear braids, extensions, sometimes we wear our hair straight, sometimes we wear our hair naturally curly."

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