10 Black Travel Bloggers You Need to Follow

10 Black Travel Bloggers You Need to Follow

Our favorite Black travel bloggers, who share tips and tricks for traveling smartly, as well as showcasing the most beautiful corners of the globe.

As you scroll through Instagram this summer, you're probably experiencing FOMO as you see your friends' vacation pics. If you're looking for inspiration for your next great trip, here are some of our favorite Black travel bloggers, who share tips and tricks for traveling smartly, as well as showcasing the most beautiful and relaxing corners of the globe. (And once you have a destination in mind, let us help you pack all your beard care essentials for your carry-on!)

  1. @minoritynomad

While some vacationers will post a flattering selfie and call it a day, Erick Prince seeks to go a bit deeper on his travels. During his globetrotting (over 95 countries!), he shares photos of the locals he encounters across the world, followed by thoughtful, incisive captions that will make you think about what it means to see the world through many perspectives.

  1. @philwaukee

Travel can be a source of joy, and that's most apparent with Phil Calvert, who visits countries around the world and fully dives into new cultures with energy and zest. His positivity and excitement at experiencing new food, customs, and cities is infectious, and we dare you to scroll through his feed without smiling.

  1. @chubbydiaries__

According to Jeff Jenkins, his aim is to "help chubby people travel the world!" As he spreads his message of body positivity and authenticity, he shares his own experiences of traveling the world with a perfect mix of sincerity and humor. His joy at exploring the world is infectious, and once you follow him, you'll look forward to his posts on his feed!

  1. @beyondbmore

Brian Oliver doesn't think seeing the world should be limited to wealthy jetsetters. With BMore See More, he started a Baltimore nonprofit that removes the financial barriers that prevent young Black men from traveling and experiencing new cultures and countries. He seeks to inspire others with his own travels and hopes it will encourage his community to seek out Black history all over the world.

  1. @oneikatraveller

From France to Guatemala and Thailand to Turkey, Oneika Raymond has traveled the world -- or over 120 countries, to be exact. Not only does she post gorgeous videos and photos of her destinations, but she also shares handy tips for traveling with babies, working remotely, and getting the perfect shot amidst a crowd of tourists.

  1. @misterlevius

From room service sticker shock to breezing through the TSA Pre-Check line, a sense of humor is a must when traveling. Within Travis Levius's gorgeous travel photos, there are also hilarious videos and memes about the small (and not-so-small) frustrations that come about when you're living out of a suitcase.

  1. @thetravelingchild

The Hambrick Family's motto? "If kids live there, kids can visit." Planning a vacation with children can be overwhelming, but the Hambricks show you that you can travel around the globe with little ones and still have a fun, life-changing trip. The family is a must-follow if you need inspiration for raising your future globetrotter.

  1. @willdrinkfortravel

For many, traveling is a way to experience the best food and drink the world has to offer. Baltimore-native Ashlee Tuck does just that, featuring tantalizing concoctions and spirits from a dizzying array of countries, along with the different customs eating and gathering together entails within each culture.

  1. @outdoorsydiva

If you want to do a bit more than lounge poolside on your next vacation, Lauren Gay has more than enough adventurous suggestions. As an avid outdoors person, her travels include snorkeling in deserted beaches and ziplining through forests. And best of all? She offers practical tips when it comes to camping and appropriate clothing and footwear for these adventures.

  1. @thatcouplewhotravels
Traveling can be romantic, and for Leslie and Martina Johnson, it formed the basis for their love story. After meeting on a flight to Kenya, the two fell in love and eventually married, kicking off a lifetime of travel together. They also co-founded the Black Travel Alliance, which lifts up Black creators and seeks to increase representation in the travel industry.

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