Beard Prep for Date Night

Beard Prep for Date Night

Follow these steps for the perfect date night beard, as well as a much-needed confidence boost!
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No matter how masculine you look with your rugged beard, the ladies will love it even more, when you trim it up for date night! If you follow these steps for the perfect date night beard, you'll look great, feel confident, and make your date swoon.

Shampoo & Condition

Use a dedicated beard shampoo and conditioner. Like your hair, your beard needs moisture and conditioning. Apply both to your beard and let them sit for about a minute before washing them off with warm water. You can also apply some beard oil so your facial hair will look shiny without looking oily and well-groomed throughout your date. Plus it smells amazing!

Trim & Edge

When trimming and edging your beard for date night, there are a few things to consider. First, use either a beard trimmer or scissors - not both. You want an even look, so it is best to do this before you start shaping your beard. Secondly, be sure that the lines on either side of your chin 

are straight and that they meet in the center beneath your nose. Thirdly, if you're using scissors, don't cut too close.


Decide if you want a goatee, full beard, or mustache: The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of beard style you want for your date night. Some men may look for a more formal appearance, while others may be comfortable with a mustache or goatee. If you still need to decide what kind of look you're going for, browse through some pictures of celebrities with different styles and see which one appeals most to you.

Finish with a Holding Product

The last step in creating your perfect date night beard is to use a holding product. This will help you keep your beard neat throughout the entire evening. Holding products can be found in many different stores and come in various forms, including balms, waxes, and pomades.

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