Travel Beard Care

Travel Beard Care

These are tried and tested tips guaranteed to have you looking good regardless of your location or time of year!

Beard care is one of the most important parts of grooming as it not only adds to your overall look and style but also makes you feel confident about yourself. But what do you do if you need to travel and still want to keep your beard looking in top shape? That's where these travel beard care tips for Black men come in. These are tried and tested tips guaranteed to have you looking good regardless of your location or time of year!

Keep Your Beard Soft

If you're a Black man who sports a travel beard, there are some things you should know about keeping your beard soft. First, don't shave it off. If you have sensitive skin, avoid shaving too often, which can make your skin dry and flaky. Second, use a leave-in conditioner for your beard to keep it moisturized and healthy. 

Don't Neglect Your Neck

Black men have a unique struggle when it comes to growing their beards. The neck is an area that's often neglected, but it needs special attention because the hair on the neck can become coarser and curlier than the hair on the face. Neglecting their neck can result in some uncomfortable itchiness and even ingrown hair, but this can be easily fixed by using beard oil or balm to moisturize the skin. 

Trim Regularly 

If your beard is longer than a day old, it's time to trim it. Trimming daily will help keep the beard looking healthy and well-groomed. It will also help you avoid ingrown hairs or deep razor cuts. You can use an electric trimmer or scissors to trim your beard, but use caution when using a blade. Always shave with the grain of your hair, never against it, and be careful to take only a little off at a time.

Keep it Moisturized 

Moisturizing is important, even when you are traveling. While bringing your favorite moisturizer with you can be difficult, there are a few other ways to keep your beard looking healthy and hydrated. You can use coconut oil as a moisturizer or apply shea butter to the skin under your beard. If these products make your hair greasy, mix them with water before using them.

Protect Your Skin

Beards can be a great way to protect your skin from the elements. Keeping your beard oiled can help prevent dryness, which is especially important in the winter or if you live in a dry climate. The best time of day to apply oil is before bed so that it has time to work its magic overnight. Not only will this keep your skin hydrated, but it will also keep your beard's natural oils intact and dandruff at bay.

Bonus Tip! 

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