The Best Beards for Your Face Shape

The Best Beards for Your Face Shape

A beard can be a Black man’s greatest accessory, but how do you find your signature style?
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A beard can be a Black man’s greatest accessory, but how do you find your signature style? From texture to shape and jawline to thickness, there’s a lot to consider. If you are unsure what style will work best with your face shape, you can refer to our guide below.

Short Stubble

Stubble is an excellent style if you have a round face because it will help make your face look less round. It also works great on square faces because it softens the jawline and provides balance. However, stubble is not recommended for oval faces because it will make your face seem longer than it already is.

The Full Beard

A full beard will work best if you have a square or rectangular face. It will soften the angles of your face and elongate your jawline. The full beard will balance your features nicely if you have an oval face. This style also gives round faces some more angles to help make them look sharper. The fuller the beard, the better it'll suit a rounder face shape because it will help create angular lines missing from a rounder shape. Need help in turning those stubbles into a full beard? Look no further than our Beard Growth Kit

Circle Beard

A Circle Beard is perfect for someone who wants to keep their face clean and uncluttered. It's a timeless look that pairs well with a short or long beard. This beard will appear more angular and elongated if you have a round face. The best part about it is that you can wear it with virtually any face shape, so you're sure to find one in this style that fits your needs. Now that you've found your beard style, keep it looking healthy, soft, and shiny (but not greasy!) with our Beard Oil


If you have an oval face, the best beard for your face shape is one that frames the jawline and does not extend too far down the neck. The Goatee will help elongate your face and make it appear more symmetrical.

French Fork 

For a long, thin face shape, the best beard style to go with is the French Fork. It gives the impression of facial hair that is fuller and more even. The beard should be trimmed, so it goes down to just below your chin on either side of your mouth. This style will give you a nice square jawline and an appearance that will make your face look less elongated. 

Whatever style you choose, a clean and well-conditioned beard is non-negotiable, and this is where our Beard Grooming Kit comes in; find out why it earned the name 'The Great One.'

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