The Perfect Vacation Shaving Routine

The Perfect Vacation Shaving Routine

Just because you’ll be on vacation, doesn't mean you can abandon your grooming routine.

Your bags are packed. You’re dressed like a cool, confident man who just stepped out of the pages of GQ. And you’re on your way to your much-needed vacay. But wait: aren’t you forgetting something? Yes, your shaving kit. Just because you’ll be on vacation, you can’t abandon your grooming routine. Maintain that sharp look from day one and throughout your respite from the grind. Just follow this step-by-step guide:


How many days you’ll be on vacation? Is it a weekend getaway? A week’s worth of R&R? Or a month or so backpacking in an unventured continent? Your destination and how long you’ll be on the road are two essential factors in determining what should be part of your shaving kit. If you’ll be mostly outdoors, like on a camping trip, it will be better to bring disposable razors; but if you’ll be in more posh surroundings such as a hotel, an electric shaver makes more sense. 

Also, since Black hair soaks up humidity, prepare for weather by packing along our Beard Shampoo for extra moisture.


Now that you know what to consider in creating your vacation shaving kit, go the extra mile by bringing back-ups like additional blades for your razor or rechargeable batteries for your shaver. Speaking of extra, why not bring our beard grooming kit along on your trip? Especially if you’ll be gone for weeks or months, this kit will come in handy as it includes a beard wash, a leave-in conditioner (which you can buy separately), beard oil, and vitamins to slow down hair loss and thinning hair. When you’re on the road, your diet will probably be out of whack, and you’ll miss out on vital nutrients your hair needs for healthy and robust growth. All these are packed in a cool-looking vegan leather Dopp bag.


You’re out of your natural habitat, and you’ll probably be thrown off a bit. Take back control of your day by doing things you would typically do if you were back home. Make facial care, explicitly shaving, one of them as it's one of those activities that will give you comfort and a sense of control. 


For a 2-3 day vacation, here’s a simple routine: wet your face with water, specifically the area you’ll shave to make the hair softer and easier to remove; shave with a durable razor; then apply an after-shave. Done.


And for a week-long vacation (or longer), try this: wet your face with water and soap to get off the days-old dirt and grime from your beard; shave with a razor or electric shave; then apply an after-shave or if you’ll just clean the neckline and leave most of your beard intact, try our Beard Oil Classic as it will help moisturize and nourish your beard.

BONUS: If you are out for weeks, ensure your body has the protection it needs when exposed to elements it’s not used to. Our Immune Defense Support Vitamins are a game-changer and should be part of your travel essentials. Or maybe in need of a cool change of clothes? You’ll be delighted wearing our black original tee made from 100% ring-spun cotton or a black hoodie that’s too cool to wear just on chilly nights.

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