Quiz: Find Your Signature Summer Beard Oil

Quiz: Find Your Signature Summer Beard Oil

An easy quiz to do away with any indecision when it comes to choosing the perfect Beard Oil!

Summer is in full swing, and whether you’re planning the ultimate tropical getaway or the perfect staycation, your beard still needs regular TLC. Our Beard Oils are the perfect solution to keeping your facial hair soft and full in the midst of summer humidity, and even more, they each come with a signature scent. But how do you choose? We've you covered with an easy quiz to do away with any indecision when it comes to choosing the perfect Beard Oil!

1. What’s your ideal summer vacation?
A. A romantic beach vacation with your partner, where the only plan is to relax and unwind.
B. An action-packed trip with friends, where the itinerary is packed with outdoor sports and fun.
C. A little bit of one-on-one time with your significant other, mixed with group activities with friends and family.
2. What’s your summer style?
A. Anything that can transition easily from indoors to the beach – think: effortlessly cool.
B.Laidback and fuss-free. Summer is about breaking the rules, including the style rules.
C. A mix of easy beachwear, combined with more structured looks if you’re hitting a nice restaurant or party.
3. What’s at the top of your list when packing your suitcase for a vacation?
A. Sunglasses. They always complete any look.
B. Sunscreen. You plan to be outdoors, enjoying the season to the fullest.
C. The perfect summer playlist. (Hey, you should always be prepared for any mood.)
4. Uh-oh: a sudden summer rainstorm! What are your back-up plans?
A. Romantic homemade dinner indoors for two, prepared by yours truly.
B. Poker night with the boys, with whatever snacks and drinks you can rustle up.
C. Movie night with the family, ready to binge that series everyone’s been talking about.
5. What’s your go-to summer anthem?
A. LOVE ft. Zacari - Kendrick Lamar
B. Life is Good ft. Drake - Future
C. September - Earth, Wind & Fire

If you answered mostly A’s: Classic Beard Oil

Seductive and confident, you approach your summer as a chance to unwind with the person you love. You're cool, calm, and collected, and that's reflected in your signature scent. Our Classic Beard Oil is a spicy mix of citrus, patchouli and sandalwood, making it your go-to scent for the dog days of summer.

If you answered mostly B’s: Refresh Beard Oil

Summer means letting go! If it's not fun, it's not in your vacation plans. In fact, you try to do as little planning as possible during these months, and you let spontaneous fun happen as much as possible. This sense of adventure can be found in our Refresh Beard Oil: floral notes blended with a hint of powdery musk.  

If you answered mostly C’s: A bit of both!

You contain multitudes, and that means some days you prefer the refined scent of our Classic Beard Oil, and other days, you shake things up with our Refresh Beard Oil. We like a man who keeps everyone on their toes, and this summer, your signature scent depends on your mood, so stock up on both of our bestselling Beard Oils!

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